SOUL QUARTZ | Citrine dainty necklace // 14k yellow gold fill

  • $80.00

Our Citrine dainty necklaces are for the crystal lovers who love dainty jewellery and want to elegantly wear their stones every day.

These look amazing dressed up or just with jeans and a tee. 

Each necklace is lovingly handmade in our Sunshine Coast studio and all crystals are individually hand selected using intention and intuition.

We only use raw, natural stones. Wrapped in 14k yellow gold fill, you can comfortably wear these daily.

The beauty of natural raw crystals is that they are all unique. Your necklace will have its own personality so size and shape may vary slightly to the ones shown in photos. 

Generally the stones are approximately between 1-2cm long plus approx a 1cm bail.

You have the choice of chain lengths, all 14k yellow gold filled. 

- Properties of  Citrine  -

Abundance   // confidence  // worthy   // trust in self   //
Solar Plexus chakra 
Hand crafted with love on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.
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