Outback Creek | Old Man Saltbush

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Outback Creek | True Stock Old Man Saltbush 

From salad greens to seasonings and even brewed in beer - this outback bush is lending its salty flavour to a diverse range of menu items! 

Edible & Ecological 

Old Man Saltbush leaves may be used as a leafy vegetable, enjoyed blanched, sautéed, wrapped around meat or fish, used in salads, or for stuffing poultry. Alternatively, they may be dried and used as a herb or sprinkle! 

Springing out of dry earth, this grey-blue bush may look like common shrubbery, but saltbush is actually one of Australia’s best herbs. The edible plant, which is salty and herby in flavour, is an underutilised native food  -  especially given how versatile it is.

Traditionally, some Indigenous groups used the saltbush (“Purngep” or “Binga”) seeds in baking, where they were ground and added to dampers. It’s documented that the leaves were more medicinal, and often added to water as skin cleansers for sores, burns and wounds. Today, however, saltbush is still incorporated in baked goods, but its leaves are the most desired part. The round silvery-green toothed-edge leaves can be added fresh to salads, stir-fry and meat marinades, or dried and used as seasonings (it can be a direct substitute for salt). There is also an emerging trend of using it to flavour beer and spirits, and drying it out as a natural ‘potato chip’ alternative.

Sold as tube stock - pot not included 

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