Outback Creek | Chlorophytum Comosum - Spider Plant

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Chlorophytum comosum  is a great, super easy peasy indoor hanging plant perfect for office space, cafe, or brightening a drab room in your house. He is a compact spider plant growing 20-30cm tall with fresh, green leaves and creamy edges. 

This compact spider plant has strappy green, trailing leaves with cream edges that look great spilling over the edges of a hanging basket. This babe doesn't just hang around he purifies the air, looks good and is super low maintenance and easy to care for. 

Spider-like plants, or spiderettes, dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web. These spiderettes can be re-potted into their own pot. We recommend a premium free-draining soil mix.

If we said easy-care houseplants the spider plant would be on top of the list, your fur babies would dote on her too as she is non-toxic to cats and dogs!

What to use me for: I look good in a hanging basket 

I grow to: I am fast growing and get to 20-30cm tall

Where to place me: I like a bright spot indoors or a full shaded spot outdoors 

Drink preferences:  Make sure my soil is dry to touch before giving me a top-up

Potting needs: I am nice and compact so you can plant me in a small pot just make sure it has a drainage hole so I can breathe and don't skimp on the soil I really like a good quality potting mix.

Tips and tricks: I might develop some brown tips on my leaves which you can just cut off to make me look prettier. 


indirect light

Drained Soil

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