Moon & Jai | Manifest Ritual Kit - with Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Sage, Palo Santo, and Selenite

  • $69.95

Labradorite acts as a bridge between heaven and earth. Meaning it connects you to unlimited possibility while helping you stay grounded at the same time. This powerful gem is a crystal of manifestation, transformation, inspiration, clarity and connection to higher consciousness.

Its energy helps you awaken and connect to your inner power and intuition. This raises your vibrations and helps you get internally aligned. It also promotes clarity of mind and groundedness to keep negativity and self-sabotage from throwing you off of your path. These two things put together make this a brilliant stone for when you want to create breakthroughs. Especially if you’re feeling stuck.

This complete package contains everything you need to practice a powerful ritual to create the breakthroughs, magic and momentum you’re seeking in your life.

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