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We Are All Mad Here

We Are All Mad Here

You're Entirely Bonkers.
But I'll tell you a secret.
All the best people are.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Corabelle

I originally bought this one to keep for myself, I was going to hang my stencils off her but something shifted in me so I decided to give her a coat of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Corablle

It was actually hell painting her haha.

It hasn't rained out here in a while and the day I started painting it decided to, which to be honest I don't mind at all it's just Sweet Pickins Milk Paint needs the heat to activate that chippy goodness.

So out come the hairdryer although it still didn't chip like I had hoped, so I used the tape method to achieve the chippy look.

{ I used painters tape, literally stuck it to the piece and pulled off - reminded me of waxing } 

I sealed her with Sweet Pickins Dark Oil Wax to give her a more vintage feel.

She reminds me of something straight out of Alice In Wonderland, who know's I may just keep her after all ;)

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