Up-cycled Old Shutter Door

Up-cycled Old Shutter Door

So I really had fun with this one :) 

Dad renovated his house last year and I found these old brown shutter doors lying around, funny thing was the doors weren't in our house originally - I don't know where they came from or why he thought they would look good in his renoed house..

I had seen the idea originally on pinterest so thought what a fantastic chance to recreate the idea.

I simply cut the door in half and painted her - I was going for a bright beachy feel (even though I live 6hrs from the nearest beach) I used contrast of Teal Surprise, Ocean Breeze and Fresh White from the canterbury range to create the look.

I then cut some string and again simply tacked it to the door.

I had some wooden pegs lying around so gave those a coat of white as well .

And whaalaa !!! You have yourself an up-cycled photo board xx

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