Decor Hack #01 - Re Purpose Hard Cover Books!

Decor Hack #01 - Re Purpose Hard Cover Books!

Ahhhh Saturdays!!

Football season has just finished so we didn't have to race off to town like we normally would.

Hubby had been on the tractor all day so it was just me and the 4 boys!

I physed myself up the day before to tackle MT Everest in my laundry but at 630 am in the morning there was already a fort being built in the lounge room, boys fighting and screaming left and right so I just threw my hands in the air and decided to create!

I went to the thrift shop the day before as I already had this idea in mind!

Up cycled Books

My sole purpose is to decorate our home next to nothing.

That's why this little idea is great!

For this project you will need :

*Hard Cover Books

*Paper Clay or Air Dry Clay - You can find here.

*IOD Mould - You can find here.

*Chalk Paint - I Have used L'Essentiel BOTANICS Greige, Dirty Rose & Charcoal

*Glue & Paint Brush

I quickly started with chalk painting all my books.

Chalk Paint Books

Whilst they were drying I started on my IOD Moulds.


Take your clay and really work it in your hands and on a surface, kneading it so it becomes soft and workable, you also want to try and get all the air bubbles, this helps prevent cracking in your clay.

Press your clay firmly into the IOD Mould.

IOD Moulds

Take some glue and apply to the spine of the book.

I don't wait for my IOD moulds to dry I quickly removed and placed on the spine of my book.

CLAY moulds

Smooth down the sides of clay with your finger or utensil so that it looks like it belongs on the book.

In this instance, I placed my books in the over!!

YUP you read that correctly, I had my temp on 50 degrees Celcius and left the door slightly open (I don't recommend doing this) as I wanted the clay to dry fast, otherwise leave overnight and wait for the clay to dry.

Once dry I repainted and painted moulds, and gave a quick wax for protection.

Re purposed books

Tie some twine around the books for extra finishing!

And there you have it, stand out, one of a kind, decor that won't break the bank.

They would make great gifts!

Re purposed books

re purposed books

No Time For DIY you can purchase these books also on our website.

Thanks for reading xx





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