A Morning With Gwen & Homestead Blue

A Morning With Gwen & Homestead Blue

Yesterday I spent the morning with a lovely return client for a one on one workshop.

Apart from Leevi being unsettled the entire morning, it was lovely.

Gwen had already decided that she would like her piece to be of a blue shade, this is is always the hardest part of any project - what colour do I choose!

Chalk Paint Furniture

In the end, this little number was painted in Fusion Mineral Paint - Homestead Blue!

We  Fusion Mineral Paint because it has an in-built top coat  - which means you don't have to wax!

Waxing is entirely up to you with Fusion Mineral Paint more if you were after a decorative finish.

Fusion Mineral Paint

The top will be stained dark 

Do you have a piece you would love to paint but don’t know where to start?

Message me and we can work on doing a one on one workshop !!

Shop this colour x


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